Macha - Macha (1998) (FLAC)

American post-rock. Lots of varied instrumentation with influences from all over the world.

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Quickspace - The Flat Moon Society (2000) (192)

Single/EP from London based Quickspace.

  1. the flat moon society
  2. semtex
  3. the lobbalong song
  4. the munchers
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kranky Records - Kompilation (1998-2004) (FLAC)

 The two compilation/samplers from kranky records. The 1998 CD and the 2004 CD in FLAC. Really great intro to the Kranky catalog and their caliber of artists.

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Alpha Stone - Soulweed (1997) (FLAC)

Groovy psychedelia. Pete Bain at it again. Great release.

  1. Vesuvio One
  2. Soulless Zone
  3. You're Not Foolin' Me
  4. Swamp Gas
  5. Ghost House
  6. Soulweed
  7. Slow Motion Mind
  8. Vesuvio Two
  9. You're Not Foolin' Me (Pete Kember remix)
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Alpha Stone - Elasticated Waveband (1998) (FLAC)

Psychedelic album from Alpha Stone led by Pete Bassman (Spacemen 3 and The Darkside). Came in a cool heat sensitive cover. Personally ripped in FLAC audio from the promo CD I got. Artist tag has been debataed as "Alphastone" or "Alpha Stone", decide for yourself.

  1. Intro
  2. Lose Your Mind
  3. Sazman
  4. Space Blues
  5. Dans Le Jardin Avec Alphastone
  6. Theme To "The Leafblower"
  7. Soon The Moon
  8. Outro
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Bowery Electric - Untitled (EP) (1994) (320)

Untitled EP from Bowery Electric, Hi-Fidelity Records, I've heard it sometimes referred to as the "Drop" EP. Raw, and less polished production from their other works. Still fantastic stuff here.
  1. Drop
  2. Let Me Down
  3. Head On Fire
  4. Only Sometimes
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Kevin Shields - 2 (1995) (FLAC)

Whilst assembling my complete Kevin Shields discography (All that's missing is "Man You Love To Hate - Live") I stumbled across two different versions of this piece, one being a much cleaner piece in audio quality, while the other being slightly longer and ending in applause as if it was recorded live, thus resulting in a lower quality. Shields worked with La La La Human Steps in 1995 as a part of their "2" production. Myself, having a intimate love for both Shields work and La La La Human Steps, I swear I saw them perform once in my head, spent days searching, and finally I was sent a copy by an old friend who was able to find it on an old Apache server from as early as 97. Described as "defying gravity and takes us across an unbridled gesture where the dancers draw an electrifying energy". This is probably one of my favourite pieces of work any artist has ever done. It's hypnotic, sharp, and so meticulously crafted that only Shields would create something like this. Other instruments cited are harpsichords, "amplified harpsichords" and a piano. I would have loved to see Shields take MBV in this direction with their sound. The musical genius and versatility of Shields remains blunt.

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All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors - Turning Into Small (1998) (VBR)

Shoegazing group from New Jersey, 10 track LP on the Gern Blandsten label. Adventurous and chaotic.
  1. You Can Never Tell
  2. Your Imagination
  3. Puzzled Into Pieces
  4. Lattershed
  5. When Things Come Falling
  6. In Between And After
  7. False From Above
  8. Snowflake Eye
  9. Emergency Turn Off
  10. Paradigm Somehow
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