STAR - Devastator (2007) (192)

More fuzzy shoegazing goodness. 12 track LP released on Lovely Rebel Records. Featuring Scott Cortez on guitar. Unfortunately not a lot can be found out about the label. The only release according to Discogs is this LP and the label's site is currently down  label's site is in Japanese.

  1. Pure Gold Reason
  2. Exploding Order
  3. Switchblade Heart
  4. Various Gun Designs
  5. Jailor
  6. Champion Of Love
  7. Acting So Tough
  8. Honeysuckers
  9. No More Party
  10. Bad Attention
  11. Liars In Love
  12. Rebels Get Lonely
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Lilys / Aspera Ad Astra - Split EP (2000) (192)

8 track split EP from the Lilys and Philadelphia indie band Aspera Ad Astra. Released on Tiger Style (Ida, The Letter E) in 2000. Though Aspera's collection of songs were recorded in 2000, the Lilys 4 songs are unreleased outtakes from the "Eccsame The Photon Band" sessions in 1993. Also to note is that the 4 Lilys song set was recorded by Art DeFuria of the actual Photon Band. The worst thing about this split is the fact that the Lilys are on side A and Aspera are on side B. This results in a major letdown after listening to the superb Lilys side. I recommend listening to the Aspera side on its own after your first run through of the EP because they are fairly decent psychpop "indie" tracks. The 4 Lilys tracks are really the highlight of this EP as you would imagine and any Lilys fan should definitely hear these outtakes.

  1. Elsa (Lilys)
  2. Coby (Lilys)
  3. Timber (Lilys)
  4. Hymn (Lilys)
  5. Good Beat Down (Aspera)
  6. Bring Back The Walls (Aspera)
  7. Feed The Fantasy (Aspera)
  8. Tin Pan Miracles (Aspera)
Artist: Lilys/ Aspera Ad Astra
Album: Lilys /Aspera Ad Astra Split EP
Label: Tiger Style
Year: 2000
Genre: Shoegaze, Psychedelic Pop
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Lilys - Tone Bender EP (1993) (VBR)

4 track EP from the shoegazing edition of the Lilys from the very early 90's. Released on Summershine (Velocity Girl, Low, Autohaze) as an Australian exclusive. Physical copies are very hard to come by now. Title track was featured on the LP "In The Presence Of Nothing" and the last two tracks are featured on the "February Fourteenth" single, but the track "Eskimo" makes it's only appearance in the Lilys vast catalog here. One of the rare prolonged Lilys tracks, it swoons in and out of itself making the 7 minutes feel like 2. Hidden gem material here.

  1. Tone Bender
  2. Eskimo
  3. February Fourteenth
  4. Threw A Day
Artist: Lilys
Album: Tone Bender EP
Label: Summershine
Year: 1993
Genre: Shoegaze
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Lilys - Zero Population Growth: Bliss Out Volume 15 (1999) (320)

Undeniably one of the most radical changes in the Lilys discography. 6 track record clocking in at 32 minutes, released on Darla Records (Amp, The Photon Band, Robin Guthrie, Bright). Described by Heasley as "krautrock-ish/electronica". Those only wanting to hear more of the 60's pop Lilys or the Tone Bender Lilys should look elsewhere. For those that want to hear more evidence of Heasley's absolute musical ingenuity, this is the record for you

  1. The Escape
  2. The Law
  3. Windows
  4. You Win
  5. Sharper Laws
  6. Back Again

Artist: Lilys
AlbumZero Population Growth: Bliss Out Volume 15
Label: Darla
Year: 1999
Genre: Krautrock, Electronica
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Astrobrite - Whitenoise Superstar (2007) (VBR)

Shoegazing bliss from Scott Cortez. Heavy on the noise. 12 tracks. 1 hour in length. Released on Vinyl Junkies Recordings (Pia Fraus, A Place To Bury Strangers, Malory,) One of my personal favourite Astrobrite releases.
  1. whitenoise superstar
  2. cherryflavourburst
  3. vanillablue
  4. dragonfly pinkyfuzz
  5. amorotic zoom
  6. goddess
  7. summershine smiley
  8. valentina galaxina
  9. fireye goodbye
  10. hero xero
  11. slow red
  12. kisspeach
Artist: Astrobrite
Album: Whitenoise Superstar
Label: Vinyl Junkies Recordings
Year: 2007
Genre: Shoegaze, Noisepop
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