Alpha Stone - Elasticated Waveband (1998) (FLAC)

Psychedelic album from Alpha Stone led by Pete Bassman (Spacemen 3 and The Darkside). Came in a cool heat sensitive cover. Personally ripped in FLAC audio from the promo CD I got. Artist tag has been debataed as "Alphastone" or "Alpha Stone", decide for yourself.

  1. Intro
  2. Lose Your Mind
  3. Sazman
  4. Space Blues
  5. Dans Le Jardin Avec Alphastone
  6. Theme To "The Leafblower"
  7. Soon The Moon
  8. Outro
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Bowery Electric - Untitled (EP) (1994) (320)

Untitled EP from Bowery Electric, Hi-Fidelity Records, I've heard it sometimes referred to as the "Drop" EP. Raw, and less polished production from their other works. Still fantastic stuff here.
  1. Drop
  2. Let Me Down
  3. Head On Fire
  4. Only Sometimes
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